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The Top 5 Best Backpacks for 2020

You shouldn’t purchase your next backpack without reading about the top 5 best backpacks for 2020.  A reliable backpack should be on everyone’s wishlist.  Whether that be for a casual commute for your daily coffee or a long weekend camping trip.  We focus on selecting the best in handpicked bags and offer a wide range of lifestyle goods.  A great backpack does a lot of great things.  It helps you carry your most valuable daily essentials.  A great bag also helps with your posture.  And needless to mention, it says a lot about your fashion sense as well.  So its only fitting that we bring you this year’s list of the best backpacks for 2020.


front view of a crazy horse leather rucksack


Crazy Horse Leather Rucksack

This heavy-duty rucksack is a no brainer for 2020.  It comes in a stunning reddish-brown aged appearance It’s very stylish and fits almost any occasion.  Made from high-quality durable crazy horse leather.  This bag is sure to hold you down during the tough times over and over again.  It’s big enough to hold your daily essentials.  It comes with a front utility pocket and a flap over cover with 3 straps to secure the closure.  The back is expertly sewn with a diamond-latticed design for maximum comfort.

front of a small brown drawstring leather backpack


Drawstring Leather Backpack

This drawstring leather backpack easily makes the list as one of the best backpacks for 2020.  Stylish retro and versatile, you really can’t go wrong with this pick.  The leather material is sturdy and very thick making it an ideal bag to last for years to come.  Features a classic drawstring design under the flap to secure the closure even further.  2 accessory front pockets to hold miscellaneous things like wallets, laptop chargers, etc.  It also has an interior pocket with a zipper to carry more sensitive items.  The sturdy outer straps are sewn with expertise and make carrying this bag on your back for an extended time very manageable.


front view of a brown luxury leather backpack

Luxury Leather Backpack

Modern meets classic in the middle.  This luxury leather backpack is a fan favorite amongst the team.  A beautiful reddish-brown leather backpack coupled with buckles and utility zippers over the flap.  The body is sturdy and compact for reliability.  The interior is big enough to hold all your daily essentials without sacrificing style.  It’s not too dull or flashy so this bag can be taken with you on just about every occasion.

coffee leather briefcase backpack

Leather Briefcase Backpack

The leather briefcase backpack is a versatile selection for the business professional.  It’s a business briefcase that also doubles as a backpack so you really get a bang for your hard-earned buck.  It features multiple utility pockets to carry all your miscellaneous items.  Made from high-quality leather to withstand the test of time.

front view of a blue vintage rucksack

Vintage Rucksack

Last but not least is this retro style vintage backpack.  This bag comes in a variety of colors to choose from.  Inspired by the outdoors, it captures the essence of that weekend camping trip vibe.  This bag has a drawstring design for a more secure closure and an extra zipper on the flap to hold a few more items.


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